Earning Stars☆☆☆

Hi Darlings!

Recently it has been a tiiny struggle (understatement much?) for me to earn enough stars to purchase the new limited items. As such, I have spent some time figuring out the fastest ways to earn stars.

1. The easiest way I have learned is to complete the fashion battles. Generally I earn 260-360 stars per win. Wins are basically guaranteed as long as you battle people with less items than you (You can tell by how many bars are filled up when you are choosing who to battle). Since I have been earning a fair amount of gold from MyMall lately(I’ll be posting tips for MyMall in the future), I often buy battle tokens with my gold. If you do the math, it’s 20 gold for one battle token, and around 300 stars for each win, so the conversion rate is around 1 gold=15 stars, which sounds like a good deal to me. Now, if you are new to gold and don’t have a lot to spare, I would not suggest buying battle tokens.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.09.03 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.09.18 PM



2. Now, if you aren’t willing to shell out your precious gold, there are other ways of earning stars. Some of the mini games that I play frequently are Wild Racer and Off the Hook. Wild Racer takes me about a minute to complete and I usually earn around 70 stars, including the double star coupon members get. That means it takes me a little under 15 minutes to get 1,000 stars. Seems okay. However, if you are a non-member it would take around 30 minutes. Again, fashion battles are really the way to go for fast money. Off the Hook generally takes around 2 minutes and earns me 90 stars. It would take more than 20 minutes to get 1,000 stars. So, if you are a member, Wild Racer would be the better game, but if you are a non-member, Off the Hook is a better game for you. Keep in mind, 15 minutes of slamming your hand against the space bar attempting to go faster in Wild Racer may not be worth the extra few minutes you save. I have a picture of an average Off the Hook game for me below.Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.23.25 PMNow, if trivia isn’t your area of expertise, it may be a little bit trickier to earn as many stars. Honestly though, after playing a few times I started to memorize the answers, as there weren’t that many new questions. Plus, a lot of the people that play fantage are 6 or under, and really have no idea how to answer the questions:P


3. If you own an iPad or other tablet, you have access to the Fantage Comet app with an all-new mini game on it. I have played it once or twice and I can get 100+ stars in around 2 minutes. This is a pretty good idea if you are able to download the app. Unfortunately it isn’t available on phones or iPods.


That’s all for now,



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